Bundle-pup’s mission is to bring modern glamour & comfort to every dog’s life.

It all started with Griffin.
Griffin showed up in 2014. At 7 weeks and a mere 9lbs Griffin arrived in the Big Apple. Although small in form, his presence was resounding. As Griffin grew up into a more than 80 lb teddy bear looking beast, he started appreciating some of the nicer things in life.
Beyond his fundamental needs, Griffin loves looking chic and stylish. During the winter months in NYC he likes to stay extra warm by wearing his dad’s cashmere scarfs to the dog park. After endless compliments from passer-bys on the street, Griffin knew there was something here. But he felt that there needed to be a purpose. He thought about how cold his less fortunate friends must be who don’t have a nice scarf or blanket to keep them warm. 
Enter Bundle-pup. Griffin founded his new company in 2017. Bundle-pup works with world renown knitwear designers using the finest materials to make the Bundle-pup vision a reality. In addition to helping dogs like himself fulfill their desire to sport stylish clothing, Bundle-pup also supports less fortunate dogs with donations and Bundle-pup apparel.
Bundle-pup has cultivated several meaningful partnerships with non-profit organizations who share a similar mission – finding stray dogs quality shelter and a permanent home.
We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about our story and we hope you join us on this journey.
Here are unlimited licks as a thank you.
With Love,
Chief Dog Officer, Bundle-pup